Black Mirror – OSFC

Analogue selfie video distor­tion in real time

For the first Open Source Festi­val Congress in Düssel­dorf, we extended our Black Mirror to an inter­ac­tive video booth: By means of a remote control, the visi­tor was able to distort their own face with live analogue effects beside char­ac­ters and symbols and to discover completely new aspects in this way.

Concep­tion and design of a Live Expe­ri­ence for the Open Source Festi­val Congress. Exper­i­men­tal and freely acces­si­ble instal­la­tion with simple oppor­tu­ni­ties for visi­tor inter­ac­tion and partic­i­pa­tion. Film­ing or photog­ra­phy of the perfor­mance for adver­tis­ing and social media is encour­aged.

The Black Mirror is a modu­lar system of analogue distor­tion effects that the user can control directly with a remote control. Their perfor­mance is filmed by a camera and trans­ferred to the Black Mirror. This in turn trans­mits the image live to a moni­tor, allow­ing the visi­tor to follow the process live.

Analogue selfie video distor­tion in real time: The visi­tor distorts their own moving mirror image and can follow the process live.

Open Source Festi­val Congress
Concept & Design
Frédéric Wiegand
Thomas Wirtz