July 2021

Hello / Bye Stern-Verlag

The urban field exper­i­ment, consist­ing of ten self-lumi­nous elec­tro­mag­netic dispos­able glove pendu­lums, is making another guest appear­ance in the KomKuK window. From August 17 to Septem­ber 10, the instal­la­tion in the shop window of the former „Stern-Verlag“ publish­ing house at Friedrich­straße 24–28 in Düssel­dorf invites passers-by to a greet-Laola.

June 2021

Distant Mate­r­ial Orches­tra 2021

Last semes­ter we took another oppor­tu­nity to gain a new perspec­tive on our imme­di­ate and famil­iar surround­ings with our students. This time differ­ent sound machines out of every­day objects and mate­ri­als were created for our Distant Mate­r­ial Orches­tra 2021. A big thank you to all partic­i­pants & helpers!

Video: Simon Fricke, Marco Spick, Svenja Rümler, Eliza­veta Vasileva, Jelena Lemesch, Yejoon Ur

May 2021

arte TWIST

“Rethink­ing mate­r­ial” On the occa­sion of this theme, a team from the cultural jour­nal arte TWIST accom­pa­nied us for a day during our labo­ra­tory exper­i­ments with soap, steel wool, slime and dry ice, up to the motion visual staged espe­cially for the program. The full length episode can be watched at arte Mediathek. Thank you to Yasemin Ergin and the whole team for the great report!

May 2021

KomKuK Window Loretto 9

How do the passers-by of the Loret­tostraße react to ten self-lumi­nous elec­tro­mag­netic dispos­able glove greet­ing pendu­lums? From 07 May to 04 June you can stroll past our alter­nat­ing pendu­lum game in the KomKuK window. A small insight into the shop window can be found here.

March 2021

Deutsche Welle Euro­maxx

This time we were pleased to open our lab doors for the Deutsche Welle Euro­maxx film team. And where there is already so much design poten­tial in the name, it is hard to resist a spon­ta­neous logo stag­ing. We would like to thank Serdar Vardar and his team for the excit­ing day and the great contri­bu­tion!

Febru­ary 2021

Lab time at WDR Lokalzeit

At the begin­ning of Febru­ary we had the oppor­tu­nity to give the view­ers of WDR Lokalzeit some insights into our labo­ra­tory and our work. We would like to thank Ina Reuter for the great report and the staff of WDR Düssel­dorf for the hospi­tal­ity on site from the make-up to the studio.

Janu­ary 2021

Soap Mask

Our Soap Mask does not offer protec­tion. However, we were able to enrich the lock­down with a few opti­misti­cally colored prospects. Fortu­nately, we have encoun­tered unex­pect­edly great feed­back. Thanks to numer­ous online maga­zines and blogs from vari­ous fields like Design­boom, Hype­beast and Fash­ion for Bank Robbers our airmail spread almost all over the world in no time. Click here for the project.

aerosoap is Cultural and Creative Pilot 2020
Decem­ber 2020

Cultural and Creative Pilots 2020

Every year, 32 inno­v­a­tive compa­nies are honored on behalf of the German Federal Govern­ment and Ministry for Economic Affairs as “Kultur- und Kreativpi­loten” of Germany. We are grate­ful and proud to be among this year’s title winners together with many other inspir­ing compa­nies! More about the award: www.kultur-kreativpiloten.de

Septem­ber 2020

Distant Mate­r­ial Orches­tra

For our recent design work­shop series at HSD we stayed at home and gained a new perspec­tive on our imme­di­ate, famil­iar surround­ings by listen­ing to the acoustic prop­er­ties of every­day objects, common handles and textures. Check out the results of the student work at www.d‑m-o.net. Simul­ta­ne­ous play­back of the videos in the desk­top version allows indi­vid­ual scores from mate­r­ial sounds.

June 2020

Mifuma Grain Waltz

We have been support­ing Misch­fut­ter­w­erke Mannheim GmbH in all design matters since 2012. All the more reason for us to be pleased that our latest prod­uct stag­ing assign­ment will help us to remem­ber the Corona period as a masked ball in the cellar of our friends at grown videoa­gency. The whole film and further insights “Behind the Waltz” are avail­able here.

March 2020

Creative Morn­ings Düssel­dorf

Our presen­ta­tion at the fifth Creative Morn­ings Düssel­dorf anniver­sary on 28 Febru­ary 2020: “Take your time”. We are happy that we were able to give insights into our exper­i­ments to more than 150 visi­tors at this special evening! Great evening, great talks, great people! You can find our and other lectures from the Creative Morn­ings series under the follow­ing link: Creative Morn­ings Düssel­dorf

Febru­ary 2020

Happy Birth­day, CM DUS!

When you are invited to a birth­day party, you usually do not come empty-handed. Cake, presents, flow­ers… We decided to do what we do best: letting mate­r­ial speak. Here’s our liquid birth­day sere­nade for the Creative Morn­ings Düssel­dorf on Febru­ary 28, 2020.

Janu­ary 2020


“Present­ing things in a differ­ent light” — Follow­ing this guid­ing prin­ci­ple, 28 students illu­mi­nated three dark rooms of the HSD with inter­ac­tive, light-kinetic exhibits. The exhi­bi­tion was the result of the exper­i­men­tal semi­nar series at the Depart­ment of Design in the winter semes­ter 2019/20 under the direc­tion of Thomas Wirtz. Further insights will follow.

Decem­ber 2019

Liftoff 2020

Thirty seconds and count­ing. Astro­nauts report it feels good. T‑25 seconds. Twenty seconds and count­ing. T‑15 seconds, guid­ance is inter­nal. 12, 11, 10, 9 … igni­tion sequence start … 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 … All engines running. Liftoff! We have a liftoff … Happy new year 2020!