Hello / Bye Stern-Verlag

Shop window instal­la­tion

You say Good­bye and I say Hello — The kinetic greet­ing laola moves to its next shop window loca­tion: Our ten self-lumi­nous elec­tro­mag­netic dispos­able glove pendu­lums were able to elicit a return greet­ing from some passers-by on Friedrich­straße. At the same time, the KomKuK window announced the farewell to the Stern-Verlag build­ing with the friendly gesture of the dispos­able lab gloves.

The prelude to the instal­la­tion had already taken place in Düsseldorf’s Loret­tostraße. Thanks to the great response, our urban field exper­i­ment could be extended to the next show­room. Click here for the KumKuk window on Loret­tostraße.

Concept, Design
Frédéric Wiegand
Thomas Wirtz
Samuel Dommer­muth
Lars Terlin­den
Frédéric Wiegand